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Top 5 Best Japanese Treats on Amazon

Top 5 Best Japanese Treats on Amazon

It’s no secret that my love for anything Japanese is unending. Add food into the mix and you get an amazing combination of deliciousness and かわいい. Seriously, I have never been disappointed eating in Japan.

Since returning home, I’ve tried to find ways to either recreate my favorites or order them online. I have my favorites available on Amazon below!

#1 - Calbee (Delicious Vegetable Sticks)

I stumbled across these by accident. I was on a long train ride back to Tokyo, and thought I’d order something healthy. There was an item on the menu titled “Delicious Vegetable Sticks”, so I was expecting literal vegetables.

Nope. They’re kind of like potato chips, but deliciously vegetable flavored and a little denser. You can order your own to try here.

#2 - Chocorooms

My mom and I first discovered these at a Daiso in the U.S., but I have since seen them in Japan at a 100 yen shop. They are the perfect combination of chocolate and crisp. The great part is, they’re also available on Amazon.

#3 - All the fun flavored Kit Kats

Japanese food is never short on creativity. There are Kit Kat flavors from raspberry to sake to everything in between. While most of the flavors aren’t available on Amazon, you can try Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats.

#4 - Taiyaki!

Taiyaki is hands-down my favorite Japanese street food. I have yet to figure out what is actually inside the yellow filled ones, but they are delicious!

They can’t sell taiyaki online because they’re usually served piping hot, but you can buy the mold to make these super cute fish treats. I currently have my eyes set on this baby, click here to check it out!

#5 - Assorted

Can’t decide which delicious treats you want to try? Try them all! Amazon has a bunch of different assorted boxes of Japanese snacks.

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