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Pet Cube Bites Review

Pet Cube Bites Review

Like any normal pet parent, I have a pretty healthy obsession with my fur baby. I wanted a way to check on my pets when I was away from home, so I started researching pet cameras. The added home security was also a bonus.

Initially I started with Pet Cube Play because I wanted something fairly inexpensive that was a good quality camera. Its additional features like the laser you can play with your pet while you’re gone, night vision, and two way microphones are what really sold me on it.

Fast forward a few months and my aging cat now has medicated treats that she needs delivered a couple times a day. I like to travel, and couldn’t consistently keep up on the treats. I thought the perfect solution would be a pet camera that shoots treats to my kitty. I was kicking myself for not initially biting the bullet and getting a treat cam when I first purchased a camera. 

So I started researching pet cams, but still wanted to be on the cheaper side because I already owned one. I decided on a camera called Petzi because it was available on Amazon (holla for prime shipping) and it was well under $100. 

Click here to watch my full pet camera review. 

I ended up really not liking the Petzi and returned to my original company - Pet Cube. I made a full video explaining why I went with Pet Cube Bites over the Petzi that you can watch here. I’ll do a quick outline below.

Why I didn’t like the Petzi:

  • It was pretty large and a weird shape. With a hard plastic bottom, it wouldn’t stay in place and was easily knocked over. My only option was to bolt it to a wall, and I didn’t want to do that. Visually it wasn’t very pretty.

  • With it being an awkward shape and large, I literally couldn’t get the front off to put the treats in. Maybe someone with larger hands could do it, but it’s just me so that was a no go.

  • It shot out waaay too many treats. I think it shot out between 7-10 treats the first couple times I tried it.

Why I went with Pet Cube Bites:

  • Ability to schedule treat times down to the minute. Super handy when I’m traveling and don’t want to forget times.

  • Significantly more attractive machine.

  • Square slip-proof rubberized bottom so I could set it on a table.

  • Only shoots out a couple of treats at a time AND it comes with a regulator for smaller treats! I was blown away when I found that in the box.

  • It has treat notifications for when they’re running low, and it lets you know when your treats have been delivered at the scheduled time. 

  • The app is very user friendly and I love the notifications of movement and sound for safety reasons.

I think that’s all. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below! 

Check out the Petzi, Pet Cube Play, and Pet Cube Bites on Amazon by clicking the product names.

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