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GOT by the Fire: Current Game of Thrones Theories

GOT by the Fire: Current Game of Thrones Theories

This past year has brought about a lot of changes in my life, one of the biggest being that I moved practically across the country. One of the perks of moving is that I got to pick out my own apartment, and I decided on one that looks just like a castle. I’m not kidding. Because it reminds me of the homes in Game of Thrones, I think about GOT 24/7. (As if I didn’t already 🙄)

I’ve been rewatching all the old seasons practically on repeat to prepare for season 8, which should be coming out in April, 2019. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it will end up being an early birthday present for me. A girl can dream. A girl can also go deep into some rabbit holes during this long night, and she has some theories she would love to discuss. Also, this post may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen all of the seasons yet, so if that’s you, abort now.

Theory #1:

As I’ve been rewatching the series, there was one line that really jumped out to me in season 5 that I think could relate to the new season 8 teaser trailer that was released this month. Cersei yells quite fervently to Jaime that she will “burn their cities to the ground” (referring to the Dornish) if they lay a hand on Myrcella.


We all know that Ellaria Sand killed Myrcella, and Cersei has punished her for what she did. However, has Cersei ever been chill in her revenge? No. So I suspect that we might not quite be finished with that revenge plot ESPECIALLY if the Dornish will not aid her in season 8. Plus, if you watch the trailer closely, the Sunspear piece is the first to go up in flames. Will Cersei start burning cities as she promised in season 5?

Theory #2:

This one just popped into my head with all the previews going around for the Mary, Queen of Scots movie. They’ve been targeting me hard, ya’ll. Anyway, there are many similarities between Daenerys and Mary, Queen of Scots. George R.R. Martin has said in the past that he pulls a lot of inspiration from actual historical events in this time period, so is it possible that Daenerys is pseudo Mary and Cersei is a pseudo Elizabeth? Obviously, they aren’t related, but let’s look at some similarities.

Queen Mary was considered the technical heir to the English throne by birthright, but she was sent away to another kingdom at a young age for protection. Daenerys considers herself the rightful heir due to birthright and she also fled at a young age to a different country. Mary was fluent in multiple languages, so is Dany. Mary was considered very beautiful and she had a fiery enchanting personality. Sound like anyone we know? The list can go on, but I’ll stop there for now.

Cersei’s similarities to Queen Elizabeth the first are fewer, but there are still some of interest. Queen Elizabeth was considered illegitimate by some because her father divorced her mother. All of Cersei’s claims to the throne have been illegitimate. Queen Elizabeth never married and never produced an heir to the English throne, so it ended up going to Mary’s son. Cersei married, but she never provided a rightful heir. Daenerys doesn’t have any sons (yet), but could the crown default to Jon?

While I don’t think Game of Thrones is an exact duplicate of what went down in history, it does make me ask the question: Will Daenerys’ story end like Mary, Queen of Scots? As a fan favorite, I’d like to hope not, but this is the show that pulled the Red Wedding.

Let me know what you think about these theories, and share with me some of your favorite theories. We’ll get through this winter without Game of Thrones together.

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